Our Story

TheAISpace: Who we are.

TheAISpace is a team of young entrepreneurs and developers who can’t contain their endless fascination with the future of Artificial Intelligence. Many people are confused by AI, and some are even scared. We’re here to clear up the mystery – AI can, and will help you in your day to day life. What’s the first thing you think of when someone says Artificial Intelligence? The Matrix? iRobot? Machines taking over? Sadly, this misinformation has been spread and has created a culture of skepticism around AI.

How Does AI Impact Day to Day Life?

But why don’t we look at how AI impacts our day to day lives. When you’re on Facebook, do you think Mark Zuckerberg has a diary of your favorite activities? Well technically, he does – but it’s a machine learning diary. When you ask Siri for directions, do you think there’s a back end human actually calculating it for her? AI has the ability to dramatically increase the rate at which we can process data, and robots taking over the world is the least of our current concerns.

Here’s AI in nutshell.

You have thousands of different dog breeds in the world. If I gave you a list of all the dog breeds with accompanying images, it might take you a year or more to memorize each breed’s unique characteristics. But if I said to the computer, “Here are a thousand Golden Retrievers, two thousand Poodles, and three thousand Dalmatians,” the computer has the ability to process that information in fractions of a second and pick up on the fact that Dalmations have spots, Poodles have long legs, and Golden Retrievers, well, don’t have spots. That's really it. Processing data at superhuman speeds to make informed decisions quicker than humans would ever be able to.

Now imagine you woke up in the morning and had an iPhone app that could keep track of your incoming emails, rank them by priority, and respond to them for you.

Would be nice to sleep in an extra half hour, no? Or a program that could keep track on your inventory of groceries at home, and automatically order milk when you were running low based on expiration dates and prices. Pretty cool right? Kick back, relax and watch Artificial Intelligence save you time and give you freedom.

We’re here to show you what the future of technology holds, and how it will impact your day to day life. We’re here to teach you how to build your own AI applications, and show you that you don’t need a computer science degree in order to do so. Most importantly, we’re here to connect young innovators who look to improve the quality of lives of others through the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Shon Butani, Founder and CEO

Himanshu Jat, Co-Founder and CTO